Our Story

We welcome you to the Thera-Suds Fam! Thera-Suds is a brand that was envisioned and created to promote well-being through the use of natural soap products for all.

In 2018, Thera-Suds was born on a chemo floor as I sat next to my brother (a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury (TBI) survivor) and at the time was being treated for stage 3 Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, double hit type. A very aggressive cancer of the lymphatic system (note: our lymphatic system's job is to constantly remove toxins, germs and other microbes out of the body).

As a concerned sister and healthcare provider, it really hit me how vulnerable individuals with compromised health run higher risks of developing these terminal illnesses due to chronic medication overuse, lack of movement, disparities in educating minorities about health, toxic filled foods and hygiene products filled with unnecessary chemicals.  

With my background in the health sciences, I began researching and studying the age old way of making real soap to help improve my brother’s skin after months of chemo, radiation, anti-biotics, etc. I wanted to bring this to all. Don't we all shower? Hygiene is so important when it comes to quality of life and self-care. Especially so, for those that depend on others.

Since Thera-Suds launched back in 2020 we have created a community of amazing beings that understand the importance of wellness. At Thera-Suds we are committed on promoting plant-based formulas, upcycling plant matter while harnessing their therapeutic compounds and minimizing exposure to carcinogens, phthalates and other harsh chemicals found in "beauty bars" and other hygiene products. We formulate recipes in house in small batches. Thera-Suds aligns its purpose with creating quality skincare products and serving others.


- Thera-Suds