Communicable Diseases Prevention Policy

The safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the community is the top priority of Thera-Suds.We enforce the following guidelines to prevent communicable diseases

  1. Hygiene Protocols: Thera-Suds enforces strict hygiene protocols for employees involved in the production, packaging, and shipping of products. This includes frequent handwashing, sanitization of work areas, and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.

  2. Product Sanitization: Thera-Suds ensures that all products, including handmade soaps and cosmetics, are produced and packaged in sanitized environments to prevent contamination.

  3. Employee Health Monitoring: Thera-Suds implements procedures to monitor the health of employees, including regular health screenings, temperature checks, and encouraging sick employees to stay home.

  4. Social Distancing: Where applicable, Thera-Suds encourages social distancing measures within the workplace to minimize the risk of transmission between employees.

  5. Customer Communication: Thera-Suds communicates to customers the measures taken to ensure the safety and cleanliness of products. This is usually done through in person sales, website, email newsletters, and social media platforms.

  6. Education and Training: Thera-Suds provides employees with education and training on communicable diseases, including COVID-19, and how to prevent transmission in the workplace.

By implementing these prevention and safety measures, Thera-Suds can help mitigate the risk of communicable diseases and prioritize the health and safety of both employees and customers.